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Borer Data Systems is a UK developer and manufacturer, and global supplier of Integrated Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Security Systems. Borer’s award-winning success and experience spans over 35 years in the Access Control industry.

Integrating Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Technology with Smart Card Access Control

Borer provides complete network-based (IP) Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Systems utilising Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology (up to a distance of 300m), which are fully scalable for both small to medium sized businesses right up to large multi-site corporate and government organisations.

The Fingerprint Recognition Access Control system uses biometric technology and 4 factor identity authentication to confirm a person’s identity before granting access. Our system integrates FUSION software and proprietary, aesthetically pleasing access control hardware configured to your specific situation. Whether you need fingerprint biometric security only, or a combination of fingerprint and smart card verification, we will create a solution to suit your individual requirements.

Across individual sites with fewer than 5000 people on each site, biometric fingerprints alone can be used by comparing the finger presented against a library of templates stored in the fingerprint reader. Users with more demanding security requirements can apply multiple checks including fingerprint plus smart card and/or PIN for proof of identity across multiple sites.

Benefits of an Integrated Security Solution


Locker, building and site access control. Alarm monitoring, visitor management, roll call and muster reporting. Time and attendance recording. ID Card design, printing and encoding.


Locker, building and site access control. Alarm monitoring, visitor management, roll call and muster reporting. Time and attendance recording. ID Card design, printing and encoding.


All project sizes from 1-2 doors to multi-site network with unlimited doors. Can be configured to run on a single workstation for a small system or on a server for an enterprise-wide application.


Support for dual servers with alternative path network routing in case of a network default. Access decisions made by the Intelligent Reader Heads in the event of a central system or network failure. Multi-lingual and world time zone support.

Energy Saving

Energy efficiency and reduced power consumption through Power over Ethernet technology. Less infrastructure required, less equipment, technical personnel and time required for installation.

Cost of Ownership

Three year manufacturer's warranty on all parts and equipment. Simple and straightforward software licensing. Reduced maintenance costs through remote monitoring.


Control of doors and cabinets, airlocks, mantraps. Power over Ethernet (PoE) turnstiles and elevators. Supports mobile phone applications with Wi-Fi and mobile data connectivity.

ID Authentication

Secure Verification supports (1) fingerprint only, (2) smart card only, (3) fingerprint and card, (4) fingerprint, card and pin. Automatically synchronise the personnel database with new starters, leavers and changes to personnel records. ID Card design can include photo and fingerprint.

Less Infrastructure

Aesthetically pleasing with up to 80% less equipment to install and maintain, resulting in a neat, simple access control system. No need to install a power mains spur at every door with considerable cost savings.

Reduced Equipment

Faster and easier installation and maintenance of less equipment at door handle height resulting in easier compliance with health and safety restrictions associated with engineers working at heights.

Low Maintenance

Online monitoring of almost every aspect of installations including sensors, energy consumption, condition of data links and operating temperature. Sophisticated power status reporting assists in remote diagnosis and swift rectification of equipment faults.

Remote Monitoring

Site based equipment can be remotely programmed and reprogrammed, configured and power reset saving on system downtime with a reduction in maintenance visits together with associated travel costs.

biometric fingerprint access control system

Configurable Access Control Solutions for any Application

  • Multi-Site Building Access Control

    Control access to a few doors at one location, or scale up to control access to thousands of doors, turnstiles and barriers on many sites. Read more...

  • Staff Time and Attendance

    Includes flexible working, fixed hours, shift work and job sharing; records and reports on normal and tardy attendance, overtime, holidays and absence. Read more...

  • Student Attendance Monitoring

    Recording and reporting student attendance at tutorials and lectures for universities and schools. Read more...

  • Visitor Management

    Register visitors at a manned reception desk or self-service touch screen terminal. Visitor badge printed and visitor rules set – duration, escort, clearance levels. Read more...

  • Roll Call & Muster Station Reporting

    Muster point readers are fitted at assembly points and a report is generated of people on and off site in event of evacuation/fire alarm, Read more...

  • ID Card Design, Printing & Encoding

    At enrolment, photographs and biometric fingerprints can be captured and ID cards printed and encoded. Read more...

  • Building Alarm Monitoring

    Monitoring and reporting on status and activity of all building alarms. Read more...

  • Guard Tour

    Movement of security personnel tracked in real time using mobile smart phones and location based beacon transmitters. Read more...

  • Mobile Attendance Registration

    Integration with mobile smart phone to record ID card serial number, transmit time, date and location in real time using mobile data or WiFi. Read more...

  • Lone Worker/Unmanned Site Maintenance

    Maintenance visits to unmanned sites and outstations, access to control rooms and equipment cabinets captured in real time, recorded and reported. Read more...

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