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Borer FUSION Tru-ID Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Software

fingerprint access control software borer fusion
Tru-Identity is a Biometric Fingerprint Physical Access Control System using fingerprints to identify those users with access permissions. Fingerprint access control means users are not required to carry tokens or cards or remember PIN numbers. Just touch the fingerprint reader head with your finger and your finger print is scanned, the image converted to a template and the template compared to a library of templates held in the reader’s memory bank. The user is identified when a match is made. The user’s access authority is checked and the door unlocked if access permission is given to that location at that time.

FUSION Tru-ID application software is flexible, easy to use and has a range of features to enhance security and improve productivity and contain costs.

Borer FUSION Tru-ID card and fingerprint readers and controllers are intelligent. When the network connection to the central database is broken, readers make access decisions at the point of entry. Power over Ethernet (PoE) and TCP/IP significantly reduces the quantity of equipment deployed and eliminates local power supplies, batteries, mains power outlets, control panels and wall boxes.

A large access control system often has complex sets of access privileges demanding significant administrative effort to manage.

Borer FUSION Access Control Software reduces the complexity and make the systems more manageable by providing four ways of allocating and managing cardholder access privileges:

  • access groups for users with the same access privileges;
  • access profiles to manage access permissions across many sites;
  • temporary access groups ensuring access privileges for visitors and contractors are automatically cancelled at the end of the visit;
  • access roles to allocate access privileges according to the user’s job function or role (e.g. only electricians have access to electrical switch rooms).

The video shows the FUSION Tru-ID Management Software recording all movement through the turnstile in real time.


  • The access control system is scalable and can grow from a small single site application into an enterprise-wide multi-site system.

  • Networked architecture with all sites connected over TCP/IP networks and doors powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

  • On enrolment biometric fingerprint templates are automatically distributed to all readers across the site.

  • Supports multiple sites and every site can have a different population of 400 users with key personnel able to access all or selected sites.

  • Transfer of biometric templates and access credentials across sites to support key personnel who visit more than one site.


  • No lost cards or tokens to worry about so nothing to lose, nothing to replace and no replacement costs.

  • No PIN codes to remember so no need for a back-up support service for forgotten PIN codes.

  • With no paperwork or tokens to hand out it is quick and easy to enrol new users so you can accommodate contractors and visitors as well as staff.

  • The fingerprint template cannot be back-engineered to produce a fingerprint image so the user’s fingerprint is secure.