Multi-Site Access Control,
Perimeter Security for Ports and Harbours

Multi-Site Access Control and Management of Staff and Visitors across secure facilities with multiple locations

Borer's high security turnstiles using Power over Ethernet and biometric identification for multi-site access control are ideally suited to secure applications such as ports and harbours. The biometric template information can be stored on a smartcard enabling a user to gain access across multiple sites to which that user has been given authorised entry.

Access Control

Registration of visitors, setting rules for temporary access. Control and monitoring of pedestrian movement, vehicle and driver through gates, turnstiles and doors.

Identity Authentication

Secure multi-factor identity authentication, using fingerprint, smart card and/or PIN code.

Route Tracking

Truck and driver authenticaiton and mapping of routes for trucks in industrial areas.

Local Access

Communication between devices over a non-wired or wired network to connect local access readers to the central server.

Access Rules

Access rules are stored in the reader memory, allowing access decisions to be validated at the time that an access attempt is made.

Full Height Rotor Turnstile Powered over Ethernet

Turnstiles provide an effective means for controlling the flow of pedestrians, without impacting daily operations. The full height rotor turnstile provides a high level of security, with fingerprint and/or smart card access control.