Office Building Access Control and Visitor Management
using Biometric Technology

Effective and aesthetically pleasing office building access control and visitor management solutions

Borer designs, supplies and installs complete systems for office building access control, employee security and visitor management, which are aesthetically pleasing for upmarket office building reception areas. The system can combine easy to install biometric readers with on-the-spot visitor card printing and visitor management, which work seamlessly with attractive biometric turnstiles or barriers using Power over Ethernet technology.

Visitor Pre-registration and Reception

Borer FUSION Visitor Management enables authorised staff to pre-register visitors via a simple web application on the Intranet. This enables visitors to be vetted prior to the visit with improved security, faster through-put and a reduction in congestion at the visitor reception. Unexpected visitors can be booked in on arrival at reception.

FUSION maintains a log of all visitor activity including frequent and return visits for quick and convenient access for regular visitors.

Office Building Access Control and Management SystemOffice Building Access Control
borer fusion visitor reception mangement

Borer FUSION software offers an intuitive interface of practical functionalities for the management and monitoring of visitors. Biometric office building access control enrolment is quick and simple, visit rules are set, and the visitor is then able to quickly proceed to the areas/floors to which access has been authorised.

For card access, the system allows visitors to be registered at a manned reception desk or via a self service touch screen terminal. Once registered, a visitor badge can be printed and the visit rules set.

  • Visitor management software can be combined with physical barriers such as turnstiles, doors or airlocks

  • Registering visitors allows the capture of detailed data of the visitor and consequent printing and issue of cards on the spot

  • Visitor cards may include a photo captured by a webcam at the reception desk as well as biometric fingerprint data

  • Offers high levels of security and control of movement in previously designated locations

  • Visitor management can be edited to a single location, or globally across multiple sites

  • The visitor’s fingerprint is captured and stored as a template in the Borer FUSION database, and can be encrypted and programmed directly into user ID cards securely as a template

  • Power supply at access points through single CAT5e/6 (Power over Ethernet) network cable for control of locks and card readers, eliminating control boxes, batteries and electrical outlets at each access point, result in a small, neat and visually pleasing installation