Fingerprint Access Control for Condominiums, Apartment Buildings and Gated Communities

Biometric Access Control for Resident and Guest Security

A smart access control system for residential apartment buildings, blocks of flats and condominiums keeps your building and its residents safe. However, many access control systems require residents to carry around multiple keys, fobs and cards for entry to various areas of the building, which makes movement in a space which should be easy - their home - difficult and cumbersome.

Residents are also responsible for the safe-keeping of the access cards and fobs, and accidental loss or damage of these can be very costly.

Resident Access Security

Borer's biometric fingerprint access control system is suitable for resident access security, as well as access and monitoring of visitors and contractors. The system can be configured for entry to all or specific common areas of the complex - the lobby, the leisure areas, the parking garages - without the need for multiple entry systems - just a fingerprint.

Tenancy Management

At the end of a tenant's contract, a simple access control system makes it cheaper and easier to process the changeover of access to new tenants. In addition, if a tenant moves out and does not hand in the apartment door key, then only one door needs to be re-keyed, as all other access would be controlled through the biometric record. Access would then be removed at the end of the tenancy agreement.

Guest and Contractor Access Control

Visitors and Contractors who need to access the property are given access to only those areas or buildings that they are authorised to visit. The system is able to control, monitor and record their parking and movement, and entry and exit from the property.

Features of the Borer Access Control System

Borer access control solution for condominiums and residential complexes is a modern and efficient system that uses the latest technologies to suit the needs of each building, whether residential or commercial.

  • Control of turnstiles at entrances
  • Visitor management and registration of temporary service providers
  • Access rules stored in the biometric reader's memory, allowing the fingerprint credentials to be validated in offline mode
  • Monitoring and restricting access to non-authorised areas
  • Control of access to elevators
  • Door interlocking system
  • Integration with alarm system and fire detector for automatic unlocking of doors in the event of an emergency
  • Remotely opening or locking doors
  • CCTV security systems integration
  • Power supply at every access point is through a single network CAT5e/6 network cable (Power over Ethernet)