Student Access Control using Biometric Fingerprint for Universities, Colleges and other educational facilities

Student Access Control is important to colleges and universities, which present unique security challenges that include not only controlling physical access to buildings, but also access to sensitive information and networks while trying to control costs and meet the needs of the campus community.

The Borer Fingerprint Access Control system can be configured to suit your requirements. We design, supply and install a complete integrated system of access control, including:

  • staff, visitor and student access control and monitoring
  • biometric and/or card access control
  • ID badge design and production
  • visitor management
  • locker access and management
  • alarm monitoring
  • roll call
Staff, Visitor and Student Access Control and Monitoring
  • Biometric fingerprint presence control, student access and attendance

  • Unlimited encoding and printing of student access cards

  • Interface card management means of production allows design of card to include photo, programming and printing of badges

  • Proof of identity and attendance for students taking examinations

  • Automatic cancellation of student access to installations with pre-defined period of use

  • Operating mode Online or Offline, event and activity storage occurred during offline mode

  • Integration with fire detection systems to automatically unlock doors in case of emergency

  • Power supply at access points through single CAT5e/6 (Power over Ethernet) network cable for control of locks and card readers, eliminating control boxes, batteries and electrical outlets at each access point (read more about the advantages of access control systems using Power over Ethernet)