Access Control Technology

The FUSION multi-location fingerprint access control system is fully scalable, employs PoE technology (Power over Ethernet), uses Open Standards, Open Architecture and a Clean Design philosophy.

Biometric Fingerprint
Access Control

A fingerprint with ID card or fingerprint on ID card is the most reliable way to verify a person’s identity for access control. more

Power over Ethernet
Access Control

Power over Ethernet eliminates the need to install a power supply at every door, reducing energy and installation costs. more

Turnstiles & Barriers
Access Control

Controlled In or Out access, fitted with a card, pin and biometric fingerprint reader, powered over ethernet.. more

Locker Lock Systems
Access Control

Enables one card/biometric ID to lock and open a variety of storage compartments, with auto management of users and time periods for access. more

Server Room Security
IT Rack Access Control

A solution to protect an unlimited number of IT racks / server cabinets, with live and recorded camera feeds for monitoring access. more

Double Door Airlocks
Interlocks / Mantraps

A secure door interlocking technology from Borer for security critical applications where proof of both authority and identity is required. more